End of the Year Folders

In NC we are not required to do much in the way of record keeping, but I still enjoy doing it.  In the past I have kept a 3 prong pocket folder (for the prek-1st grade years) and a 3 ring binder for the older years full of the kiddos best work.  These are so fun to look through still!  I have also make yearbooks using picaboo or basic scrapbooking.  This year I saw a post about these cute little end of year folders, and I just had to try them for myself.  These are very bare bones as far as work samples go, so I’m sure I will still keep using the 3 ring binder method for a bigger chunk of their work.  But as a best of the best portfolio folder, these are terrific!

Here is Taylor’s cover page.

By the way, I just made this using the simple paint program on my computer.  If you want to try picmonkey.com, you can probably do it fancier.

After Taylor’s Cover Page will come a list of her accomplishments for the year.  This includes a list of curriculum completed, classes and activities done, field trips taken, real life learning that happened, and how character is improving.

Taylor’s Accomplishments

 For 2011-2012 (5th grade)


  • Completed 1st 2 chapters of BJU Math 5
  • Completed Teaching Textbooks Math 5
  • 1st 2 chapters of Zoology 1: Flying Creatures
  • Completed Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures
  • A World of Adventure Unit Study: Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece
  • Completed Story of the World Volume 1:  Ancient Times
  • Improved typing speed and abilities
  • Completed 1st half of Sequential Spelling Book 2
  • Completed Level D of Spelling Power
  • Improved editing and grammar with Daily Paragraph Editing Grade 5
  • Completed a variety of writing activities in science, history, and language arts
  • Memorized Psalm 23 and Psalm 24 and Books of the Bible
  • Completed several chapters in the Bible using SOAP bible study method
  • Wisdom and the Millers


Classes and Activities:

  • Weekly play group
  • Candler Christian Homeschoolers Co-op (Zoology 2 and 50 states geography)
  • Celebration Singers Choir
  • Workshop with Jim Weiss on Storytelling
  • Hominy Valley Girl’s Softball Team
  • Pizza to Poop Class on the digestive system and healthy eating
  • AGAPE Christmas Party and Talent Show (Minute to Win It Game Show)
  • Valentine’s Party at Biltmore Lake Clubhouse
  • Co-op Christmas Party and trip to visit Day Stay Clients
  • AGAPE Spelling Bee
  • Snakes class at Mill’s River
  • Bird’s Class at Mill’s River
  • Amphibians Class at Mill’s River
  • Volunteer at Daycare


Field Trips:

  • Charlotte’s Web on stage
  • Vance Birthplace Civil War Reenactment
  • Arboretum including class on arthropods
  • Asheville Art Museum and print making
  • Ripley’s Aquarium in TN including class on fish adaptations
  • Carl Sandburg Home
  • F.B.I. hunt (fungus, bacteria, and invertebrates)
  • Flat Rock Playhouse performing Rutabaga Stories
  • Grove Park Inn Gingerbread House Competition
  • Made our own gingerbread houses
  • WNC Nature Center
  • Health Adventure
  • Knoxville Zoo
  • Vance Birthplace Men and Women’s Tools Class and a guided tour


Real Life Learning:

  • Lots about healthy eating, how the digestive system works, and weight loss due to mom’s RNY surgery
  • Various types of medication- their uses and their drawbacks
  • How to cook healthy, well balanced meals as well as plan for them by taking kitchen duties once a week
  • Organization skills in the home
  • How to use a family calendar to keep track of important events
  • How to follow a schedule
  • Beginning to learn about how to take a list of items that need to be completed and being able to complete them in a timely manner on her own
  • Keeping a house clean
  • Working cooperatively
  • Becoming a mother’s helper and learning how to care for toddler’s and preschoolers
  • Dealing appropriately with peers
  • Working through disagreements within the family and with friends
  • Responsibility for her own clothes care (washing, drying, folding, hanging)
  • Learning about pregnancy and how a baby grows and develops from a single cell
  • Planning and packing for a family vacation
  • Following rules and being under authority- even when you don’t agree
  • Beginning to learn about how home purchases work (loans, credit, real estate)
  • Servant evangelism
  • Hospitality
  • Caring for a pet


Character Improvements:

  • Becoming more honest
  • Developing patience with Isaac
  • Learning to show love with words and with actions


It’s truly amazing to me how much was accomplished this year because I felt like we weren’t doing enough…  This does not even include a list of books we read- and there was a TON.  Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with a list of them, but I’m going to attempt to do that for this coming year.

After the Work Accomplished pages, there will be a sampling of her very best of the best work done throughout the year.  I’m going to try my very best to narrow it down to about 20-25 pages.  I will probably photocopy them and keep the originals in her 3 ring binder.  All of these pages, including the cover page will go into page protectors and then into a report cover folder.

I’m really excited about this!  I also have Isaac’s accomplishments for 1st grade listed, but I haven’t been able to find a really good photo of him for his cover page.  Guess I’ll just have to take one!

Comment and let me know how YOU like to keep records!


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