2013 Spelling Bee

The AGAPE 2013 Spelling Bee was May 17th, and once again it was an exciting night full of fun, nerves, challenge, and reward (as well as lots of yummy things to eat!). Unless you’ve been to one of the AGAPE spelling bees, you may not be aware that these students study from a quite challenging list of words. We’re very proud of the participants for all their hard work and their courage to compete. A hardy congratulations go to our winners:
3rd/4th Grade:
1st place: Elijah Fleming
2nd place: Kellan Burgess
3rd place: Toby Rogers
5th/6th Grade:
1st place: Sophie Rector
2nd place: Jason Robinson
3rd place: Micah Lyons
7th/8th Grade:
1st place: Jake Clontz
2nd place: Rachel Cress
This year, we had an unusual amount of cancellations the week preceding the bee – so many that our oldest group only had two participants left. Because these two had worked so hard, we decided to let them “battle it out,” and boy did they ever. Only after correctly spelling a plethora of difficult words, the spelling of “fanfaronade” brought the competition to an end.
We are hopeful to offer a 2014 AGAPE Spelling Bee next year, and encourage this year’s participants as well as new ones to step out take the challenge : )
 **Written by Michelle Cress

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