Field Trip

Appalachian Fall Festival at Arthur Morgan School on October 10,2012 Start at 9:30 til 12:30 age group Second grade to Sixth grade cost $5.00 per person,all ages are welcome just that most activities are for above group.They will have blacksmithing,wool spinning, felting, cider pressing, digging taters, hayrides, biscuit making,and a pumpkin hunt.If interest in going contact me by email:;phone: 828-768-2466 .Looking forward to hearing from everyone.Have a Blessed Day. Angie


Field Trip

We have a field trip plan for Friday,August 24,2012@10:30 a.m., At Holmes Educational State Forest.It will consist of a 30 min class  talking about “Predators and their Prey”after that theirs a 1/2 mile trail that will be guide for us  “Talking Tree Trail” it will take about 30-40 min.Bring A pack lunch we can have lunch at their shelter.The class will start at 10:30.So we should arrive  around 10:15.They a have website if you would like to check it out : will need a head count too so I can provide to them how many will be their.There no charge.

You Can email me or text me : or 828-768-2466 Holmes Educational State Forest directions

Thank you,