Traditional Science Fair Project

One of the main purposes for our science fair is to teach homeschool kids about the amazing world God has made and how scientists use the scientific method to solve problems.  As you probably remember from your school days the scientific method includs the following:

  1. Formulation a question. (What are you wanting to learn about?)
  2. Hypothesis (What question are you wanting to answer?)
  3. Prediction (What do you think will happen?)
  4. Test (What experiment did you do to test your hypothesis?)
  5. Analysis (What did your test prove? Was your prediction right or wrong? Why or why note? Note: it’s okay to be wrong…Thomas Edison sure didn’t invent the light bulb on his first attempt!)

We have found a wonderful printable resource for your science fair poster.  Just type in your answers and print off the pages you need.

What should my child do for a science fair project? Anything that uses the scientific method will be great. For some ideas, here are some webpages/books we have found to be helpful.

Janice Van Cleave books (found in the public library) about Anatomy, Chemistry, Science Fair, etc are great resources for those who prefer to browse through a book for ideas.

Note: Rather than a competition with one winner, our goal is to encourage all children to explore science. We look to see if kids understand what they have studied and can talk about it. We also like to see kids explain a truth about God or the Bible that can be gleaned from their projects.


Agape Science Fair 2013

The Agape Science Fair will be held on Friday, April 19, 2013 from 6:00-8:30pm at Westwood Baptist Church The fair is open to homeschool students grades K-12. There will be two categories in which students can enter:

  1. Traditional Science Fair Project
  2. Research/Display

about a scientific topic. There is no charge for AGAPE members, but there will be a $5.00 charge per student for non-AGAPE members.(Maximum of $15.00 per family). Participants must be registered by Monday, April 15, 2013. For more information including information on science fair topics and research ideas, please visit the AGAPE homeschool blog at:

Ready to sign up for the Agape Science Fair? Register here!

Research Project for the Science Fair 2013

Is your child fascinated with horses? Do your children love sea creatures? Have they developed an interest in trees, rocks or bridge construction? This category allows kids to explore a scientific topic of interest and make a display highlighting the fun things they have learned. If your kids love unit studies, this might be the right category for them! Here is a website with great ideas for lapbooks. Your child might be able to build off of one of these to make a display: Be creative!

Note: Rather than a competition with only one winner, our goal is to encourage all children to explore science. We look to see if kids understand what they have studied and can talk about it. We also like to see kids explain a truth about God or the Bible that can be gleaned from their projects.

Poetry Night Information: February 2013


AGAPE sponsors an annual Poetry Night where homeschooled children of all ages have an opportunity to recite a short poem, prose selection, scripture passage, or dramatic speech.  The children in grades 4 and up are judged by a panel of qualified adults. They may however elect to be un-judged. The judged entries will compete for ribbons in each age category. Age categories will be determined after receiving all entries. Younger performers will receive a participate ribbon.


Friday, March 15, 2013 at Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church,

Asheville, North Carolina

5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

(Recitations to begin at 6:15)


Considerations as You Choose Your Selection:


  • Maximum Time limit of 5 minutes will be strictly enforced.  There is no minimum time requirement.
  • Two or more students reciting a selection together will have a time limit of 8 minutes.
  • Parents will be responsible to choose or edit selections which will be appropriate for an audience of all ages.
  • Poem topics must be in keeping with AGAPE’s purposes as a Christian homeschool group.
  • Performances will be limited to one poem per participant.
  • Duplicate entries (the same poem performed by more than one participant) will not be permitted.
  • Dramatic speeches and monologues are permitted.
  • Simple props are permitted but will not add points for judged competition.  Any set-up time for props must be minimal.


How to Enter:

Deadline for receiving entries is March 4th  2013.

Cost will be $5.00 per participant with a $15.00 cap per family, payable upon entry.  Free to current AGAPE members.


  • Confirm your selection, assuring it has not already been taken, by emailing Nancy Jones ( or calling 231-2261. Please do this before your child begins memorization to avoid wasted effort.
  • Fill out the form below and attach to one copy of the poem your child will perform.
  • Mail form, poem copy, and $5.00/child to:  Nancy Jones, 527 Black Oak Cove Road, Candler, NC 28715
  • Alternatively, you may e-mail a copy of your selection(s) to Nancy at  If you e-mail the poems, please be sure to pay the entry fee by the deadline.

For Judging Category (Grades 4th – 12th), Please circle one category below:

  1. Humorous (intended to make the audience laugh)
  2. Serious  (presents an idea or concept of a serious nature, intended to make the audience think)
  3. Dramatic (presents a story or ballad in a dramatic way)
  4. Original Poem (written by the participant)
  5. Two or more persons reciting together
  6. Un-Judged


Refreshments/Light Supper

Coffee and Water will be provided for the evening.  Please Circle TWO that you can provide for the evening.   No dips please. All foods should be finger foods. Thank you.


1. Finger Sandwich Tray

2. Finger Vegetable Tray

3. Finger Fruit Tray

4. Cheese and Cracker Tray (or Chips)

5. Dessert Tray


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -Registration Form – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – –

Participant’s Name____________________________________  Homeschool Grade______


Title of Poem_____________________________ Poem’s Author_______________________


Phone number__________________   email _______________________________________



Short Cut Form Info:

Alternatively, you may use the e-mail “Short Cut” below, emailing to Nancy at  (If you e-mail the poems, please be sure to pay the entry fee by the deadline, March 4th.)

1.)  Student Name
2.)  Student Grade
3.) Poem Name & Author
4.) Copy of or Link to Poem
5.) Category Choice
6.) 2 Food Tray choices
7.) Mail $5 per student if not a current Agape member.  (See address above.)






December Meeting: Christmas Dinner and Talent Show

I am SO EXCITED about the upcoming AGAPE meeting!!

(Our family looks forward to this one every year.)

December 3
Westwood Baptist Church
6:00 pm
Christmas Dinner
and Talent Show

Please bring at least 2 HEARTY dishes to share – one main-course and another that is a side, salad or dessert. 

It is also time to sign up for the Talent Show.  The whole family is welcome to participate!  Families, adults, kids may play the piano, sing, dance, do magic tricks, read, recite, tell a story, whatever.  Please send an email with names and ideas for sharing your talent to

Look forward to see your family on the 3rd!
~Carroll Sue

Here are some (rather blurry) pictures from the 2011 Christmas Dinner and Talent Show!

Agape Lapbooking Class Monday Sept. 10th

Do you have an elementary age child and want to learn more about combining craft time and learning by using Notebook and Lapbooking? Come to this introductory class.  Everyone will go home with a resource list and a FREE lapbook template. Kids are welcome to participate in this class with their parent.

What to bring:

  • Scissors
  • Glue-stick and regular glue (e.g. Elmer’s school glue)
  • colored pencils or crayons

Chocolate Chip Cheeseball recipe

If you happended to be at the August Agape Meeting, you may have had some of the Chocolate Cheeseball I brought. I like to call it “Not your Mama’s Cheesball”, but I must admit, my mom never made cheeseballs. Growing up in the southwest, we were a salsa and tortilla chip kind of family.

Be warned: My husband and kids won’t let me leave the house with this recipe unless I made an extra batch for them. They’ve learned I don’t come back with enough for them!

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

Win a family registration to NCHE bookfair!

Each year the NCHE has a convention for homeschool families in Winston-Salem. It’s a great time to look at books you are considering for the next school year, meet with old friends, get encouragement through the speakers and watch homeschool graduates walk across the platform. Yes, I know there is much more at this conference, but these are my highlights.

This year you can win a free family registration to the conference. To find out how click on their website: Designs are due APRIL 1st so you’d better hurry!