Meet the Board Members

Take a minute and get to know the ladies that make up the AGAPE board.  These women put their hearts into serving the Lord and serving YOU!  If there is an area where you would like to serve, please let us know.  Our board members lead these committees, but we need YOUR help to run them!  We are always happy to have you serving alongside us.  You can contact us by leaving a comment or via the AGAPE Newsloop.

Finance Committee: Leigh Hedrick

  • Treasurer
  • Fundraising

Member Services: Joi Kelley and Carrie Knapp

  • membership table at each meeting
  • add/delete members from newsloop
  • member involvement
  • mentoring program
  • follow-up
  • new homeschooler packets
  • greeters
  • refreshments for each monthly meeting

Programs: Carroll Sue Priddy

  • plan each regularly scheduled monthly meeting
  • book fair
  • expo
  • opening and closing of the facilities
  • devotions to begin meetings

Communications: Jennifer McCumbers

  • maintain the AGAPE website and current events calendar
  •  newsletter
  • AGAPE membership ID cards
  • blog posts
  • Communicate with AGAPE Newsloop as well as WNC Homeschoolers Yahoo Group
  • Social Media

Events Coordinator: Needs to be filled

  • science fair
  • poetry night
  • literature fair
  • spelling bee
  • other family focused events

Education Committee: Jennifer McCumbers

  • field trips
  • Enrichment co-op classes
  • AGAPE  resource library




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