Carrie Knapp

My husband is the product of a public school and I’m from a private school/public school background, and while we both did very well in college, we wanted something different for our children.  While our oldest was still in diapers, we went to our first homeschool conference and decided to pursue this course for our children.  We have now been blessed with four children aged 8 and under and while life is crazy at times teaching a third grader and first grader and discovering the world with our preschoolers, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My kids and I are  following a classical approach to homeschooling.  We’re currently studying the 1800s using a combination of Tapestry of Grace and Story of the World.  We are a creative family, so there is constantly some craft project spread throughout our home. We combining lapbooking and notebooking with our studies.  Our family is very involved in the youth ministry of our church with our kids active in the Awana program, and this year we have started  Cub Scouts with our son.  My husband travels occasionally for work, so we love travelling with him and homeschooling on the road.

This is my third year as a member of Agape and my first year on the board.  As the newbie, I’m helping to clean and lock the church after our monthly meeting and enjoying the opportunity to meet other homeschool moms.


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